About TaCRI

A coffee plantation on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro - producing some of the world's finest Arabica coffee.
A coffee plantation on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro - Tanzania produce some of the world's finest Arabica coffee on slopes of this mountain.
Professor James Teri, Chief Executive Director, TaCRI.
Professor James Teri, Chief Executive Director, TaCRI.

The Tanzania Coffee Research Institute (TaCRI), incorporated in 2000 as a company limited by guarantee under the companies Ordinance (Cap. 212), became legally constituted and operational in September 2001 with the major objective of rejuvenating the Tanzania coffee industry to sustainable prosperity, placing new emphasis on stakeholder-led, demand driven RESEARCH FOR DEVELOPMENT with the motto “Thinking Big and Acting Big” & “UTAFITI NDIO UHAI WA ZAO LA KAHAWA” - recognizing research as the backbone of the coffee industry.

The Institute provides a crucial public service to stakeholders in the country’s coffee industry by providing coffee producers with relevant and practical technological innovations and advice that will improve productivity and quality. This will contribute to a profitable and sustainable coffee industry in Tanzania. 

For more details see the TaCRI Memorandum & Articles of Association.


TaCRI is owned by the stakeholders who it is serving. These include small and large scale coffee farmers, co-operative societies and unions dealing in coffee, coffee processors, coffee traders, relevant NGOs, the private sector and the Tanzanian Government.


 TaCRI is a non-profit organization. The Institute derives its income from:

  • members’ voluntary contribution;
  • government and donor contributions;
  • collaborative activities; and
  • the sale of materials and services (e.g plant materials and publications).

 There are significant financial requirement for the provision of capital for major renovations and the acquisition of new equipments to get the Institute running and working effectively.

A major proportion of this has been provided by the European Union, and voluntary contributions by coffee growers and from collaborative activities, which has and will continue to be instrumental in getting TaCRI fully established and meeting its objectives.

The Endowment Fund for TaCRI established in 2007 from STABEX resources is expected to be another important source of income to support TaCRI activities.

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